Cars & Yachts

We have long experience in arranging imports/exports and registering cars & yachts in Andorra both for residents and for non-residents. Even ships and supercars can be listed in the Andorran registry with all related tax benefits. 


Any number of cars can be imported and registered to a holder of a passive or active residence permit. Key conditions is that the car is no older than 5 years and is a left-hand drive, i.e. UK cars would not be permitted. The import duty/VAT is 4.5% of the car’s value, or 1% for a hybrid car. This makes imports of luxury cars highly attractive. 

Non-residents can register their car in Andorra on temporary MT/tourist plates. Only persons with place of residency outside the EU are permitted use this arrangement.


Any type of boat, yacht or ship vehicle can be registered in Andorra under the condition that the owner is either Andorran resident or an Andorran company. Obviously, the boat does not need to enter Andorra, but the local VAT of 4.5% must be paid to the Andorran customs and the yacht must be insured by an Andorran insurance company.

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