Andorra is an ideal place for family residence: high standard of living, a top-class health system, international schools, near-zero crime rate and spectacular nature, as well as a large international community.

Schools in Andorra are free for residents with a choice between 3 different education systems – Andorran, French and Spanish. There are two private schools – British College and Agora International School. Children can have their residence permit connected to their parents’ residence until the age of 25.

Andorra has one of the highest life expectancies worldwide, with 82 years, a reflection of the high quality of life residents enjoys in the country.

When moving to Andorra, there are no duties on your furniture and possessions if these are not new merchandise. For import of cars there are special regulations that we can help you with.

There is a large international community in Andorra, with approx. 65% of Andorra’s 80,000 inhabitants being foreign nationals. 

Our team can help and advise you throughout the complete process from finding and buying or renting a suitable property, through to the applications for your residency and all assistance necessary for your integration at your new place of residence. 

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